9 Amazon Finds Perfect for a Zelda Inspired Game Room
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9 Amazon Finds Perfect for a Zelda Inspired Game Room

Jul 09, 2023

Fans of the Legend of Zelda deserve to game in style, and these Zelda-themed gaming accessories can help create the perfect game room!

The Legend of Zelda room decor options have been around for decades, but finding Zelda-themed gaming accessories can be a bit more difficult, especially with the popularity of the brand as one of Nintendo’s most famous franchises. While the aesthetic of Hyrule is similar to Nordic and ancient Germanic motifs, there are plenty of Hylian decor pieces available in the real world for players to add to their space.

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With The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild came a new generation of fans, and Tears of the Kingdom expanded the game’s reach even further. Now, most Switch fans are playing the newest Zelda game, enjoying Link’s journey through a tainted Hyrule and a robust education in physics. For those who have become completely obsessed with Link, Zelda, and all things Hyrule, creating a Legend of Zelda-inspired room for gamers is the perfect project to end the summer with.

ANApetshop's Legend of Zelda Korok plush is a soft, squishy friend to all Nintendo fans. Standing at 12” tall, this Korok plush is perfect for hugging and holding. The colorful stuffed Korok features game-accurate details throughout the soft fabric design.

Koroks have appeared in multiple Zelda games, most notably hiding in plain sight or asking players to help them as they navigate the world. Their unusual design is similar to other depictions of Japanese forest spirits, or kodama, like those found in Studio Ghibli’s Princess Mononoke.

This Korok is a stout little guy, with a vibrant green leaf as its mask and distinctive stripes along its tan body. Whether it’s on a gaming chair or next to players on the couch, this adorable Korok plush should be kept close by! This small plush is ultra-soft and squishy, feeling very much like an official Squishmallow plush, although it comes from a different manufacturer. Regardless, this Korok plush is perfect as both a comfortable pillow and a cute accessory.

This silicon protective case features the same design as the Purah Pad found in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. The case acts as a protective shield against scratches and provides players with a super soft texture. The Joycons are wrapped separately, making them easy to remove for multiplayer games or tabletop play.

It’s no mistake that one of Link’s most important tools in the new game looks just like a Switch, so it’s easy to imagine having a Purah Pad in real life too. With this protective case, Zelda fans can have the iconic Sheikah crest (the eye symbol) on the back of their Switch along with similar motifs around the front, including the bird and Triforce symbol which serves as the main Hylian crest.

The sleek silicon cover is smooth to the touch and leaves space for the kickstand for tabletop play. The slim design does just barely fit in the dock and the Switch skin can be a bit difficult to put on, but the rich colors and accurate representation of the Purah Pad is hard to pass up. Plus, players with either a standard Switch or the Switch OLED can have this awesome cover for under $20.

This rug from Rugendary features detailed art from the Legend of Zelda. Made with soft cotton and polyester, this plush rug is hypoallergenic, machine washable, antistatic, anti-pilling, and anti-fading. The thick rug is further supported with a nonslip back sole, making it ideal even for busy rooms.

This beautiful rug features artistic designs modeled after the newest Legend of Zelda games, Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom. In the center is the silent princess flower, which the game strongly associates with Princess Zelda, surrounded by Hylian symbols and designs, as well as a few of the enemies players encounter while exploring the land.

Already, this rug looks amazing and could make an excellent addition to basically any room. Plus, it also has a ton of practical features. First and foremost, this rug is machine washable, meaning no worries (or at least fewer worries) over spilled soda, dropped pizza, or any other accidents that normally spell doom for area rugs. Secondly, the rug comes with a nonslip back sole that ensures it won’t move erroneously, making it ideal for underneath gaming chairs. The rug is hypoallergenic, anti-static, and anti-fading. It simply has a high-quality design that’s elegant enough to avoid being a home decor eyesore.

The BOTW Guardian Building Kit offers a creative and engaging building experience, featuring 379 pieces for constructing a Guardian Stalker and Korok inspired by the popular game, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. This actionable model boasts a 360-degree rotatable head and fully flexible legs, allowing for dynamic movement and play. With its detailed design, this kit serves as both a fun toy and an eye-catching decoration for desks or display areas.

There are plenty of amiibo for The Legend of Zelda games, which most fans love and adore. For those who just can’t get enough minis and figures, this buildable Guardian Stalker could be another great addition to a display shelf. Although it isn’t exactly LEGO, this set does feature ABS plastic with vibrant colors and adjustable pieces. Plus, this set includes a free little Korok buddy, and BuildingBoat offers a full set of Koroks for those who aren’t satisfied with this minimalist version.

The nearly 10-inch-wide Guardian figure looks even more impressive when posed, which is easy for players to do. The head fully rotates 360 degrees, while the adjustable legs can be lifted and curved to balance the figure against books, Switch docks, or anywhere else gamers want to see it frozen in time.

This Nintendo Switch stand features images from the ancient ruins found in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, with beautiful gold accents. The stand offers 5 adjustable angles for comfortable viewing and has ventilation windows that allow for charging the Switch while placed on the stand. Also compatible with 4-13" tablets and smartphones, this collapsible, anti-skid stand is ideal for gamers on the go.

Nintendo fans who love to play away from their dock (or those who prefer the Switch Lite) would do well to have a dedicated stand for their handheld. This low-cost Switch stand is compact, convenient, and perfect for Zelda fans.

The stand is covered in images found in the game when exploring ancient ruins. It even highlights the most important ones with bright gold accents. The whole stand is collapsible, so it can be carried anywhere, and there are five different angles that make it easy to play at any kind of table or desk. Two ventilation holes on the stand keep things cool while also giving players a chance to charge their Switch while continuing their game. Plus, mobile gamers can get just as much use out of the stand, as it's completely compatible with tablets and phones up to 13 inches.

ASTRO Gaming's A10 wired headset works with a variety of platforms and definitely won't break the bank compared to some of the company's deluxe variants. This special edition features symbols and patterns pulled from the Legend of Zelda series, using gold accents to elevate the overall style of the headset without compromising its quality.

The Astro A10 headset is already a highly rated gaming headset, but now they’ve got a special edition available just for Zelda fans. It’s covered in details big and small drawn from Tears of the Kingdom, yet it still manages to look very sleek. Swirling designs in glossy black pair with golden Hylian crests, Sheikah crests, and a gold trim around both of the earcups.

The headset itself is very comfortable, with thick padding along the ears and head, as well as an adjustable headband. The wired design means that the headset is completely compatible with devices with 3.5mm ports, including PC, mobile devices, and of course, the Nintendo Switch. Priced just under $100, this mid-range gaming headset delivers crystal clear audio and super low latency, making it a fantastic choice for Zelda fans in the market for a new headset.

The PowerA Wired Controller for Nintendo Switch perfectly offers a great product at a very low cost. Made from comfortable materials that allow the controller to feel almost weightless, this controller is perfect for marathon gaming sessions without breaking the bank. Plus, with a variety of artistic and video-game-themed designs, it's easy to match anyone's preferred style.

PowerA is a well-known and much-loved controller brand, offering a wide array of awesome controllers for a variety of devices. The Switch often gets the best PowerA designs made available to them, and their Zelda-themed wired controller offers vibrant yet simple art. The right handle shows Link posing with his sword, apparently pulled from Breath of the Wild, per his missing prosthetic. The rest of the controller has subtle, matte swirls reminiscent of motifs found in the game. The D-pad provides a bit of a flashy gold accent, which pairs well with the Hylian crest at the top center of the controller.

Besides looking good, this controller is reliable and convenient, featuring a low latency, 10-foot-long cable that can be detached for more compact storage. Players wanting a wireless solution can always take advantage of PowerA’s more retro-looking Legend of Zelda controller, although it's about twice the price of the wired version. Of course, it’s tough to beat the affordability of a Switch controller under $20.

HORIPAD's Nintendo Switch controller offers reliability through its built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery and dependable wireless technology. Boasting a 32-foot range, 15-plus hours of battery life, and easy USB-C charging, this lightweight yet solid controller also comes equipped with an accelerometer and gyroscope for full motion control, making it one of the best Nintendo-licensed wireless controllers around.

Super fans of The Legend of Zelda series may want a more premium option for their game-themed controller. Enter Horipad, another respected brand in the controller market. This wireless Legend of Zelda-themed controller features a more classic adult Link against the shadowy backdrop of an inked map of Hyrule. The gray and black style is ideal for more mature gamers, especially those who keep their gaming space fairly modern. The matte gray buttons and joysticks look surprisingly clean and smooth, perfectly highlighted by the dark controller face. The Hylian crest also makes an appearance, though much less sparkly than other iterations, helping it meld with the rest of the muted controller.

Despite the stylish design, the controller itself remains a powerful accessory. The 15-hour battery may not be long enough for marathon sessions of Tears of the Kingdom, but USB-C charging allows players to keep trying to escape the Depths. Along with the 32-foot wireless range and full motion controls, this ultra-lightweight controller makes for a great addition to any Switch setup.

The Govee Triangle Light Panels can be works of art in any gaming room, sparking conversation even before they are illuminated. This pack of Triangle Lights includes 10 lights that affix to walls in various customizable patterns. Govee's RGBIC technology lets each panel light up with multiple colors simultaneously. Unlike other RGB wall panels, the Govee Light Panels include dynamic lighting throughout each of the shapes, casting light on the surfaces of walls. The panels are also compatible with Google Home and Amazon Alexa, for voice commands and synchronization with other smart home lighting.

There are lots of little Triforce lights and lamps available, but most of these are built for children and so are tiny objects. For a full Legend of Zelda-themed room, the best lighting accent can be found with the Govee triangular smart light panels. These light panels are a bit pricey, but they are extremely high quality and completely customizable.

Players can arrange the lights into Triforces or change things up and create a whole new shape altogether. Additionally, it's quick and easy to change the color of the lights. Gamers can even sync the lights to game audio or other audio inputs such as PCs, TVs, smartphones, and even Alexa or Google Assistant.

Each panel features dynamic, multi-color lighting that offers 40 preset modes and literally millions of color combinations. With Govee smart light panels, players can have their golden Hylian symbols for Zelda marathons while easily switching to unique layouts for other important time-sink games.

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