Get this Alienware gaming chair for $100 off (plus a gift)
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Get this Alienware gaming chair for $100 off (plus a gift)

Aug 22, 2023

To prevent the long-term negative effects of sitting for too long and too much, gamers are highly recommended to invest in a gaming chair. You should skip the cheap, basic chairs as they won’t do your health any good, especially since you can get discounts on high-quality options like the Alienware S5000 gaming chair. It’s currently available from Dell for just $300, following a $100 discount on its original price of $400, and every purchase also comes with a $100 gift card that you can spend on other Dell products. That’s amazing value, but you need to complete the transaction now if you want to take advantage of the offer because we’re not sure until when it will last.

Dell’s Alienware brand is more known for gaming PCs and gaming laptops, but it’s also in the business of making peripherals for gamers like the Alienware S5000 gaming chair. Similar to the best gaming chairs, the Alienware S5000 offers a comfortable but sturdy sitting experience with its ultra premium high resilience foam, plus support for your lumbar and beck with memory foam cushions. You can adjust practically every aspect of the gaming chair into the best possible position for you, including the height of the seat, the angle of the backrest, the tilt tension, and the armrests in four directions.

The Alienware S5000 gaming chair is made of Hygenn X material, which combines coffee ground-infused microfiber that controls odor and dries quickly, and silver-coated embroidery that prevents the formation of bacteria. The gaming chair also features PUC leather that offers the durability of PVC leather and the softness of PU leather.

Sitting on the Alienware S5000 gaming chair will save you from a long list of health issues, and you can currently buy it for just $300 from Dell. In addition to the $100 in savings that you’ll get from its sticker price of $400, you’ll also be receiving a gift card worth $100 that you can use towards purchases from Dell’s desktop computer deals, laptop deals, and more. There’s no information on when this promotion will end though, so if you’re interested in purchasing the Alienware S5000 gaming chair, you should hurry with the transaction so you can get all of these perks.