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Review: Vinsetto High

Aug 02, 2023

From Aosom


The Vinsetto High-Back Office Chair from Aosom proves that comfort and quality don’t have to break the bank. This excellent chair is available for £99.99. However, at the time of this review, there is a whopping 26% off the RRP, making it even more affordable at just £72.99! This faux-leather chair is comfortable and cool during long gaming or working sessions. Furthermore, it looks great and the build quality is comparable to its more expensive peers.

Unlike its peers, the Vinsetto High-Back Office Chair keeps things simple. With minimal moving parts, this chair is easy to operate. What’s more, the pleasant armrests and strong wheeled feet allow you to relax and move without getting out of your seat. Additionally, the moveable parts are smooth and the levers are robust and built to last.

The Vinsetto High-Back Office Chair doesn’t have an ergonomic system, nor does it have an adjustable headrest. Yet, this didn’t bother me too much. Thanks to the adjustable height, this works perfectly with an array of desks and gaming options. Furthermore, the strong wheels allow you to move freely on hard floors.

The gas-powered strut is smooth and steady. Moreover, the lever is easy to locate and operate. Alongside this, the rigid armrests are designed to support your arms without being in the way. Subsequently, they are set at the perfect height to comfortably operate a mouse and keyboard or a gamepad.

Gaming and working can be tiring endeavours. Consequently, you may wish to lean back and relax. Thankfully, you can do this as the back tilts to a pleasant angle. By simply leaning back, the chair smoothly adjusts to your favoured position. However, once you are ready to spring into action, the back will slowly reset itself to allow you to keep on working.

The faux leather finish is pleasant to look at and it is fire retardant. As such, you are assured that this looks good and is a safe chair to own. The hardened plastic feels robust and should survive some roughhousing. Yet, I would be careful with it hitting abrasive surfaces. The blackened finish could become damaged and will potentially scratch.

The plush padded seat and backrest are fantastic for long gaming/working sessions. Additionally, thanks to the central mesh-style material, the chair is always cool and a joy to sit in. The material looks attractive thanks to the clean stitching and tight curves. Moreover, the striking red-on-black finish gives it an edgy look that will complement any high-end gaming rig.

Finally, this excellent chair is easy to maintain and keep clean. Whenever you work and game for long periods, you are going to need to eat and drink. Occasionally, accidents happen and this can lead to a nightmare cleanup. Luckily, though, that isn’t the case with the Vinsetto High-Back Office Chair. Every element of this chair is simple to clean and straightforward to maintain.

I’ve looked at some incredible ergonomic chairs, for example, the BS12 Pro from FlexiSpot. However, this all-singing and all-dancing chair has a price point to match. As such, I didn’t expect the Vinsetto High-Back Office Chair to hit that standard. Whenever I’m spending under £100, I want a comfortable and stylish option that will last me a considerable amount of time. What’s more, I want it to be easy to use while looking great at my desk. Luckily, this chair does all that and more. As such, I can easily recommend that you buy it here! If this article has piqued your interest, use code DW15 for a further 15% saving.

(More information on Aosom can be found here!)

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