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Should You Buy A Gaming Chair On Prime Day?

Aug 12, 2023

Buying a gaming chair can be expensive, but with tons of great deals available, is Prime Day the perfect time to buy an upgraded PC chair?

Prime Day, taking place on July 11 and 12, is Amazon’s biggest sale of the year and one where many well-known brands offer steep discounts on tons of stuff. Gamers will be able to save on upgrades to their PC battlestations and console setups, from shiny, new controllers to vibrant 4K monitors and everything in between.

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Even big ticket items like gaming desks and smart home kits will be available at some of the lowest prices of the year. Players would be wise to consider what they need for their space and take advantage of whatever sales they can find during Prime Day. Gaming chairs can be one of the most expensive purchases for PC setups, but they’re also one of the most important elements. So, are the prices on gaming chairs going to be hard to beat and cheap, or should players pass on getting a gaming chair during the Prime Day sale?

Amazon’s selection of gaming chairs is fairly vast, but the quality is very hit and miss. During Prime Day, there will be few gaming chair options available, including Respawn chairs and a Vertagear PC chair.

For the most part, players will find a handful of gaming chair accessories, such as orthopedic seat cushions and ergonomic footrests. These add-ons can be a good stop gap measure for players who have a limited budget, but want to enhance their gaming seat. So overall, Amazon’s Prime Day sale won’t be a good opportunity to score a new gaming chair. However, that doesn’t mean there are no ways to save big on gaming chairs right now.

Yes, some of the best gaming chair brands are offering discounts alongside Prime Day sales. Secretlab and AndaSeat have sales running right now, to the benefit of players in need of a new gaming chair.

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The Secretlab Titan Evo offers an entirely new level of individualized support and unsurpassed performance. Applying cutting-edge engineering methods for complex designs. Better-than-ever materials that are handcrafted and superior in quality. For serious performance, professional-level ergonomics were incorporated into the design. This is the gaming chair with all the functionality most gamers need.The Titan Evo Series features full-metal armrests with CloudSwap technology, a 4-way lumbar support system, a magnetic memory foam head pillow, and a proprietary sculpted pebble seat base. With the launch of SKINS, you can now add a fabric layer over your TITAN Evo to not only change the color and material but also increase the durability of the chair.

The Secretlab TITAN 2020 gaming chair, a predecessor of the TITAN Evo 2022 Series, is praised for its ample spaciousness, first-rate ergonomic adjustment, and exceptional comfort and support. The earlier model's cheaper price is a consolation despite the absence of the upgraded materials, magnetic armrests, and lumbar support cushions of the current version.The chair is equipped with a leveled-fit seat base, memory foam head pillow with cooling gel, full-metal armrests, and all-in-all top-quality materials.

The Secretlab OMEGA 2020 Series brings together the perfect combination of comfortableness and coziness. Meant for gamers who are on the smaller size, the OMEGA series offers everything from 4D adjustable armrests to the signature COLD-CURE foam for the seat base. Comes with a Secretlab Signature Memory Foam Head and Lumbar Pillow.The OMEGA 2020 Series chair features complete tilt and reclining adjustability and quality materials from top to bottom.

Secretlab gaming chairs are some of the best chairs money can buy. Priding themselves on scientifically-sound, cutting edge ergonomic design, Secretlab chairs are not only comfortable, they’re able to support good posture and weight distribution. The Titan Evo is their newest gaming chair, although many fans still love their earlier Titan 2020 and Omega 2020 chair models. All of these chairs use thick padding and advanced lumbar support, plus players can purchase accessories such as memory foam arm rests to further enhance their comfort.

Although Secretlab is a bit more expensive than some of the other gaming chair brands, this price pays off. With high quality materials and durable steel frames, Secretlab chairs are built to last through years of gaming. Plus, they often partner with popular franchises like Overwatch, Valorant, and Demon Slayer. There are a lot of different styles to choose from, making it easy to fit a Secretlab chair into any gaming space.

The AndaSeat Phantom 3 Series Gaming Chair is an excellent choice for those who want a leather touch to their gaming space. Designed with ergonomics in mind, this gaming chair features high quality foam, a wide seat, and a durable steel frame. Although the max weight capacity is only 200lbs, this chair is ideal for most gamers under 5'9.

The AndeSeat Kaiser 3 ergonomic gaming chair is an excellent choice for gamers on a budget. Despite being affordable, this chair uses its steel frame to support up to 395lbs and offers ergonomic design supported by thick foam. The tall back also has two vent holes perfect for adding speakers or RGB lighting on the fly.

AndSeat's Kaiser II gaming chair is an older version of the Kaiser 3 chair, but it still offers top of the line comfort. The ergonomic design provides players with a wide seat, a lumbar pillow, and a headrest pillow to help support good posture during gameplay. With limited style options but a max weight capacity of 330lbs, this gaming chair is ideal for the average gamer on a budget.

AndaSeat is another gaming chair company who focuses on ergonomics. Unlike Secretlab, the chairs are fairly affordable, although the upholstery does tend to be lower quality than comparable gaming chairs. However, AndaSeat does offer plenty of additional options to create a more customized chair for each user, albeit at a higher cost.

The AndaSeat Phantom 3 looks very similar to other ergonomic gaming chairs and comes in a few unique skins, including a line of Transformers-inspired designs. Plus, there are fabric options for the Phantom 3 and its sister model, the Kaiser 3 gaming chair. The Kaiser 3 is perfect for gamers who want to decorate their chairs with RGB lighting or extra speakers and is available in a variety of colors. Its predecessor, the Kaiser 2 gaming chair, may be a little older and have fewer color options, but it comes with a free headrest pillow and a free lumbar pillow.

It's tough to say when the best time to buy a gaming chair would be, although it's fairly clear that Amazon is not where the greatest value can be found. Although it isn't directly related to Prime Day, buying a new gaming chair directly from Secretlab or AndaSeat during the early Prime Day deals and on Prime Day itself is likely to be one of the best times of the year to save money on a quality chair.

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