5 Best Gaming Chairs You Won't Be Ashamed To Own
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5 Best Gaming Chairs You Won't Be Ashamed To Own

Sep 02, 2023

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Comfortable and good looking—a rare combo.

Alright, I'm not trying to put down the gaming community to which I belong. We love gamers here at Esquire. We love games. We love gaming and every aspect of it. That said, gaming aesthetics are a bit of an abomination. No one sees your RBG headset or PC. But imagine you're on a work from home call, and your boss sees you sat at your computer in a neon-colored gaming chair... Not a good look.

That said, actual office chairs aren't going to cut it. Those are made for eight-hour days. We're looking at 15 hour gaming shifts. (Please stand up, just go take a walk.) So, we decided to find the gaming chairs that actually look good, the gaming chairs that look like grown-up adult furniture. Sure, they won't look as handsome as your luxury or leather sofas, but they'll be just as comfortable. So, load up your favorite AAA title, or download an indie one you'll finish in one day. These 5 best gaming chairs are supportive enough for long-haul sessions, but nice enough to sit in a home office. Welcome to adulthood.

Logitech G, the gaming off-shoot of the computer accessories conglomerate, has partnered with Herman Miller to make what's easily the best looking gaming chair of all time.

The look is sleek, with an all black option, as well as two others in black with white or red. It's wonderfully ergonomic, keeping upright as you play. That said, it's got a nice lean to it, so you can recline and rest a bit while you're matchmaking.

This one says office chair, but it's got a few important gaming-targeted traits.

First, and most importantly, is that robust lumbar pad. That's what's going to push you into proper posture and keep you from hunching over all day. Secondly, it's got a wonderful headrest. And lastly, it can lock at a 135° recline, which helps when you're not actively playing. Add to that a breezy mesh back, and you've got the perfect affordable gaming chair.

Though it doesn't look cool, let me remind you that's kind of the point. No crazy colors. No light displays. Just a great chair.

This option, also on Amazon, does a lot of the same things, with a few additions gamers will love. It's got a breezy mesh back. It's got a sturdy, adjustable headrest and good lumbar support. It's got a memory foam seat and the capability to recline up to 135°.

But the big benefit here is the leg rest and the additionally padded armrests. When you're deep into a session, and you want to kick back a little bit, this makes all the difference.

As for something that looks like a traditional gaming chair—with that deep bucket seat—we've really loved Vertagear's SL5800.

It's supremely comfortable, with a great interior structure comprised of structure and foam. The VertaAir seat functions similar to the internal springs on many modern mattresses. It absorbs pressure while offering channels for air to flow into. Add to that a pretty standard headrest, along with some nice faux leather accents in tasteful colors, and you've got an amazingly comfortable gaming chair.

And if you avoid the RGB lights, it's a very grown-up looking chair. (If you really feel like you need the lights, go ahead I guess.)

Besides looking like they were plucked out of a Ferrari and stuck on roller wheels, the issue with bucket gaming seats is heat retention. All that memory foam, all that faux leather has a tendency to really trap heat. And with gamers being a particularly sweaty, smelly population, it's a bad mix.

Thankfully for all gamers and their significant others, Cooler Master has nailed the balance between ultra-comfortable gaming chairs and breezy mesh office chairs. The Hybrid 1 has the bucket seat that a lot of gamers prefer with the mesh back they need. In that back though, there's adjustable lumbar support, so no matter your size or body shape, you can find a spot that works for you.

Another small touch we loved is that the bucket seat isn't as extreme on the actual butt of the chair. The wide seat allows for A) bigger bodies and B) sitting cross-legged. Not a deal breaker, but a nice touch.

Luke Guillory is the Associate Commerce Editor at Esquire.

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