Mavix M7 Gaming Chair Review: Feelin' The Vibes
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Mavix M7 Gaming Chair Review: Feelin' The Vibes

Aug 24, 2023

Finding the perfect chair for your gaming, streaming, or content creation setup can be daunting, especially if you're spending a significant chunk of your day planted in it. Who knew the symptoms of office culture — the bad back, neck pain, and general discomfort — would find their way into the gaming sphere?

The Mavix M7 Gaming Chair tempts with its array of features and ergonomic design, but is it worth its weighty price tag? SVG had the opportunity to spend time with the chair and put its features through their paces to see if the price is justified.

When it comes to seating, one size doesn't fit all. This can be especially true if you're a taller individual, requiring a chair that complements your height. The M7's 21-inch wide seat promises a spacious reprieve from many of the more squeezing options in the market. Thanks to the mesh cushion (more on that later), the chair seems built with the intention to cater to every contour of your body, adapting itself to your unique physique. While it's comfortable, the real test lies in how it fares during those extended gaming marathons or during prolonged streaming sessions. Thankfully, with adjustable features such as seat height, backrest, and headrest, your posture remains uncompromised.

If you suffer from a relatively sore or temperamental lower back, rarely are there gaming chairs that offer a significant degree of the support you need (and a removable pillow can only go so far), making them uncomfortable to use in the long run.

With the M7, lumbar comfort takes center stage. The Dynamic Variable Lumbar (DVL) is akin to a silent guardian, continuously readjusting to provide optimal support to your lower back. It's also super easy to adjust, sometimes overly so; it's pretty easy to accidentally slide the height of the chair out of position while you're moving it, but it's just as easy to reset it to your height. Combine this with the M-Breeze fabric, and you have a formula that ensures your back remains cool and sweat-free. While these features are undeniably nifty, the question is whether they substantiate the chair's price of around $1,000. They certainly contribute, but they're just one part of the larger picture.

The massage and cooling/heating features are where the M7 truly shines. For those prolonged gaming or streaming sessions, these features are less a luxury and more a (surprising) relief. The gentle massage feature works wonders to relax tense muscles, and the temperature control ensures optimal comfort regardless of the season. These features work with the chair's wireless battery pack, which can go without needing a charge for weeks. If there's a standout reason to invest in the M7, it's this.

Of course, it's important to note that this isn't a chair that will fix your posture or relieve your pain overnight. It's a tool that encourages you to better your gaming experience, provided you take the initiative to use it correctly — and make sure the chair is charged enough for you to take advantage of its features.

A chair's material can make or break the sitting experience. The proprietary Mavix Mesh is designed to address common issues like overheating and sticking. It delivers on its promise of continuous fresh air circulation, which is wonderful if you're familiar with the discomfort of a sweaty back during intense gaming sessions or when you're under your bright key lights while streaming. The material's tension offers a balance that feels supportive without being too rigid, squishy, or unreliable in its durability.

Customization is at the heart of the M7. The recline feature, for instance, offers relaxation without compromising on spinal support. If you're the type to lean back and ponder over your next streaming strategy or tactical in-game move, you'll appreciate this. The armrests, too, are a highlight — adjustable in four ways (should you choose the FS 360-degree rotational arms option), allowing a tailored fit for gaming or typing for work. And the headrest, while it may seem like a simple addition, is crucial for neck support during those long hours. Pro tip: Raising and lowering the headrest can be a little tricky due to its super snug fit. If you're moving it up or down and thinking you're going to break it, you probably won't. A more streamlined adjusting solution would be welcomed here, but don't worry, the headrest is meant to be that tight.

As far as gaming chairs go, the M7 is arguably on the more robust and luxurious side of the spectrum. It needs to be, especially if it's catering to taller individuals. While its weight capacity of 275 pounds suggests it can handle considerable stress, a minor issue does crop up. The lock-tight screws tend to loosen over time, even without putting the chair through anything close to a stress test. It's a hurdle that Mavix seems to have with some of its chairs. It's an easy enough fix to tighten the screws from time to time, but for a chair in its price bracket, one would (and should) expect such issues to be non-existent.

The Mavix M7 Gaming Chair offers a lot — from tailored ergonomics to luxurious features like massage and temperature control. However, with a price tag that's over $1,000 for all of the optional bells and whistles, it's an investment that requires significant consideration. If you're ready to make the plunge, this is a great gaming chair that ticks all the boxes when it comes to design, functionality, comfort, and value for what you're spending on it. With that said, there are more affordable options available in the market if your budget doesn't stretch quite so far.

A product sample was provided to SVG for this review. The Mavix M7 Gaming Chair is available now from Mavix's website.