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Aug 30, 2023

Having reviewed (and enjoyed) several office gaming chairs, taking a look at the E-Win heavy-duty gaming chair didn’t take much persuasion. Gaming chairs have quickly proven excellent replacements for a series of rapidly-deteriorating $200 office chairs. The E-Win Revolutionary Chair adds new and upgraded features that stand apart from other E-Win chairs, making this a premium model.

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Of particular note, these heavy-duty gaming chairs offer improved construction and features like a temperature and pressure sensitive cold-cure foam core.

From the stitching to the improved hub-less casters, these chairs definitely present a premium gaming chair solution. They also added integrated lumbar support with controls for height and protrusion.

At first, the thought of magnetic armrests concerned me, however the attraction holds them securely. The metal controls also allow for easy adjustment of height, forward/backward motion, and horizontal placement. Another advantage, of course, includes the ability to easily order replacements if and when necessary.

The chair continues to have a tilting backrest, but even the headrest now comes with a slow-rebound memory foam and a magnet for adjusting the height and placement. The tilting hinge also includes a magnetic cover.

The recline lever lets you tilt the seat back nearly flat. Below and in front, a height adjustment lever lets you activate the pneumatic piston to raise and lower the chair height as needed.

On the left side of the chair, a locking mechanism actually freezes the desired tilt in place, so you can adjust not only the back but the seat angle as well. On the left, a locking mechanism helps you fix the angle of the base or seat.

The chair slides around smoothly on its hub-less casters. They continue to feature all-metal bearings and it delivers a smooth ride over our office tile.

E-Win does a great job packaging their chairs. Instructions are clear, and they include all tools necessary for assembly. The assembly process was quite effortless, and all the components were packaged with great care. The first step involved connecting the chair’s back to the seat and securing it with the included Allen machine bolts. As mentioned above, E-Win provides magnetic plastic covers for the metal reclining brackets.

We next affixed the casters to the base of the chair. In the final step, we connected the controls to the chair’s seat, positioned it on the base, covering the pneumatic piston with the provided plastic cover. All that was left was to flip the chair back onto its wheels and try it out.

After spending hundreds of dollars on regular office chairs that fall apart after just a few years, using heavy-duty gaming chairs for the office makes more sense than you might think. In the end, gaming chairs like those from E-win are made to endure hours of continuous use.

The included memory foam head pillow really feels great. It adjusts up or down using the integrated (and hidden) neodymium magnets. Of course, you can remove it if desired. We left ours in place.

As you may have surmised from our comments, we like this chair and find it a great replacement for any of our office chairs. At this point, we’ve replaced all of our dilapidated chairs with gaming chairs—and everyone in the office loves them.

The E-WIN Revolutionary Heavy-Duty Gaming chair retails for around $419. You can find less expensive models (even from E-Win), but as a premium chair, you won’t be disappointed.

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