Best gaming chairs: The top ergonomic chairs for comfortable gaming
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Best gaming chairs: The top ergonomic chairs for comfortable gaming

Aug 20, 2023

With such a plethora of online worlds to draw us in, it's no wonder that some now spend hours in front of their screens, exploring everything gaming has to offer.

While constant sitting isn't ideal for our bodies and overall health, ergonomic improvements to office chairs have seen things improve. Yes, you should definitely get up and move around throughout the day, but sitting in a chair that's specifically designed to support you has made everything a little easier on our backs, necks, and hips.

Gaming chairs stand out among other regular office chairs because of their racing-style design. They have a full backrest, a headrest, and usually an armrest. Most of all, though, it's their breadth of adjustability that separates them from regular chairs. You can move the back of the chair, improve lumbar support, get the ideal tilt, and customise the head and armrests to best suit your sitting position.

These are some of the best options for chairs that can do just that – even if you're not a gamer, these are ergonomically sound for any prolonged desk and computer use.

NOTE: Prices are accurate at time of publishing.

With a five-position adjustment and 360 degrees of swivel, it's really easy to sit comfortably and move about in this seat. It's got a high backrest, and armrests for increased support. Beyond that, it's designed to match up alongside the curve of your body as you sit.

A number-one bestseller on Amazon, this racing-style gaming chair has a segmented cushion design for extra support, an adjustable headrest and lumbar support. The tilt can go from 90 to 135 degrees, and lock into place to avoid the need to push down constantly. Reviews claim it's very easy to put together, and is also a standout when it comes to overall sturdiness. Suitable for gamers and work-from-home office spaces.

While this is the most expensive chair on the list, it's definitely a 'get what you pay for' situation, given it has the best features, too. With adjustable armrests that have soft, plush covers, you can move these up and down, or rotate them left and right, to make sure your arms stay perfectly relaxed while you play. The chair has a 145-degree adjustable recline, and a 12-degree rocking function, as well as a supportive backrest and a retractable footrest, so you can elevate your feet if you so desire. It also comes with an 11cm thick cushion to offer greater support.

"This chair is no joke," one reviewer raved on Amazon after buying one for their daughter. "She'll be able to use this for years to come. The base is heavy-duty and well-built… It reclines smoothly. The styling is adorable".

Boasting a number of five-star reviews on Amazon, this red gaming chair from Artiss is another excellent option when it comes to ergonomic seating. It has a high-back design and full support for the body, with a lumbar cushion, headrest and padding throughout. It also has an extendable footrest and a lockable reclining option that reaches 135 degrees.

The ALFORDSON Chair is a great option for a variety of colours, so you can customise your gaming space as you please. We particularly like this pink and white design. Beyond aesthetics, this chair has 90 to 150 degrees of recline and is adjustable in height from 35 to 45cm. It's crafted from high-resilience, car-seat-grade foam, which aids in better weight distribution and support. Beyond that, it has all the trimmings you need – lumbar support, a footrest, and a removable neck pillow.

Advwin makes the list twice because we adore this version of their chair, which has LED lights surrounding the frame. Tech-savvy gamers often create well-lit spaces to offset the darkness of sitting inside at a screen, and this chair is just another fun inclusion when it comes to designing the ultimate setup. Adjustable via remote control, the lights are a fun addition on top of an ergonomically-sound seat. It's made of high-density foam for comfort and support and has removable padding for the headrest and lower back.

A gaming chair that doesn't look like a gaming chair, this one is perfect for people who want the comfort of a classic gaming chair without the 'look' of a gaming chair. It has four support points and the option to adjust the height, headrest, and backrest. Suitable for people between 5'4" to 6'4", it's perfect for most individuals looking for comfort at their desks.

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