Best Gaming Chairs: Top 5 Thrones For Gamers Most Recommended By Experts
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Best Gaming Chairs: Top 5 Thrones For Gamers Most Recommended By Experts

Jul 19, 2023

Tell any serious gamer that playing video games is just a hobby and they might look at you as if you’ve got two heads. Gaming is a way of life for many, so much so that world of “esports” is as big as college sports in some areas. That’s why any serious gamer will also tell you the right equipment and setup to play with is essential. One of the most important pieces of any video game setup is the gaming chair! Not sure which to buy? StudyFinds is here to help by helping you figure out the best gaming chairs on the market.

So why is a gaming chair so valuable? Well, studies show that playing video games actually has numerous cognitive and social benefits. Research shows that video games are actually linked to higher IQ in children believe it or not. Also, gaming is found to boost brain development and behavior in kids. Gaming can even help make kids faster learners.

Since COVID, video games have allowed us to connect with others in a different way. In fact, 85 percent of college students recently surveyed say they play video games “regularly or a few times a month,” while almost half of the respondents said they played every single day. And if you think that means they’re lazy couch potatoes, you may be wrong too, Esports gamers (professional gamers competing in tournaments for large cash prizes) are in better physical shape than a significant portion of the general population, another study shows.

Gaming chairs are also built to maximize the comfort and lumbar support needed for people who are sitting for hours a day. So while they hold the name “gaming chairs,” these chairs might also be appropriate for people who work a lot of hours sitting down. One survey reports that 39 percent of people find themselves with physical pain in their back after a long work day sitting. Gaming chairs could be the solution to that pain.

Ready to upgrade your office seat to a gaming chair? Buying the right gaming chair can help to upgrade your skills and save your back. StudyFinds visited 10 of the leading expert websites to see which are the best gaming chairs on the market suited for battles on-screen. Here are the five products that were most frequently recommended across these sites. If you’ve got your own suggestions, by all means, please leave them in the comments below.

Noted for its high quality, faux leather, comfort, lumbar support, and breadth of customization options, the Secretlab Titan Evo 2022 gaming chair was the most frequently recommended. For those who are gaming for hours, comfortability is a huge necessity. T3 experts are huge proponents of the Evo: “The seat base has also been redesigned in collaboration with ergonomic experts, and it’s super neat as not only does it naturally guide its sitter to sit in the middle, but the user can also lounge out if desired over its wings as they’ve been made to be soft and malleable. It’s literally the best of both worlds.”

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The ergonomics of the chair are highly touted, as the chair features support for gamers’ backs. “Most notable is a two-knob internal lumbar support that lets you adjust the chair’s height and firmness to hit your lower back just right,” writes PC Mag.

But the ergonomics of the Evo don’t stop at just a gamer’s hips and back, they also added a magnetic headrest to help relieve stress and strain from your neck. This was a welcome addition, GamesRadar suggests, “The new magnetic headset is a revelation to anyone that’s constantly fighting the elastic on a regular headrest for the best position.”

The Evo 2022 is a combination of Secretlab’s Omega and Titan Chairs and comes in small, regular, or XL sizes depending on the height of the individual using the chair.

The Embody gaming chair is a collaboration between Herman Miller (who traditionally makes seating) and Logitech G (who traditionally makes gaming accessories). Comfort reigns supreme with the Embody, which features adjustable seat height, armrests, lumbar supports, head cushion, and recliner. “There are over 150 small supports around the chair, and these apparently let blood flow more easily to regions that usually get pressed on in most chairs, like your butt, lower back, and your legs,” remarks Cameron Faulker for the Verge.

The uniqueness of the chair might be the biggest takeaway of the Embody. As Techradar notes, the Embody is “one of the most brilliantly designed, abandoning all – or, at least, most – of the usual attempts at ergonomics and doing its own thing, specifically its BackFit technology that allows its backrest to actively adjust to your body’s slightest movements, minimizing pressure points while still offering a lot of support.”

The Embody is a premium solution, coming in at over double the price of any other chair on our list. But with this price tag comes, according to CNN, a “level of adjustability that significantly separates it from the other chairs we tested, with controls that have a futuristic look and feel, from the joystick-like lever that adjusts the seat’s height to the way the back conforms to your spine like some sort of sci-fi body-modding procedure.”

By far the most important feature mentioned for the Razer Iskur was the lumbar support that it offers. As has been mentioned many times, comfort is key to gamers. The Iskur lives up to that standard. “No matter the material or size, the Iskur’s lumbar support adjusts to meet your back in its optimal posture,” notes Popular Mechanics.

Don’t let all the talk about lumbar support fool you, it’s a great looking chair. The Iskur is a “better choice for folks who want less of that bucket seat aesthetic and more of a classier, mature design.” reports TechRadar.

TechRadar wasn’t alone in their praise of the lumbar support of the Iskur, with T3 calling the adjustable lumbar support “something of a revelation.”

Another product by Razer, the Enki also received high praise for its lumbar support. However, the Enki does not feature adjustable lumbar support like its Razer counterpart, the Iskur. The Enki received high praise for its sophisticated look: “This is a sleek (faux) leather throne that is as much fashion statement as it is furniture,” says Toms Hardware.

The look of the Enki, in combination with the high marks for comfort, are what made the Enki so highly regarded by the experts. CNN notes that the Enki features “Dual-textured seat and back, delivering a unique style that looks as good as it feels….(the) Enki also receives high marks for all-around comfort. The seat and back nail the sweet spot between spongy and firm, while the built-in lumbar arch did right by our posture.”

According to Tech Radar, “while it might be on the cheaper end, we have found that it’s built like a tank, so it will hold up for the long haul. If you prioritize comfort above all else but cannot spend a lot on one, this is the best gaming chair for you.”

Much like the Iskur, the Enki is also able to be highly customized based on the preferences of the gamer. This includes height, tilt, tension, recline, and armrests. So gamers of all sizes (and preferences) can enjoy in their Enki.

Another chair with a higher than normal price point, gamers out there would hope that the Mavix is able to deliver on comfort and style. The M9 does not disappoint, offering memory foam seating and a modern stylistic design. T3 perfectly summarizes the Mavix M9, saying, “It offers blissful comfort, high adjustability and a bit of massaging action in a stylish design and luxurious finish that looks just as great in your tasteful home office as it does in your gaming den.”

The M9 features a “Cool Gel M-Foam seat cushion” that allows gamers to stay cool while focusing on their game and premium wheels that go easy on hardwood flooring.

Finally, the M9 offers dynamic lumbar support, which will “give your back a break, no matter what position you’re in,” mentions TechRadar.

Note: This article was not paid for nor sponsored. StudyFinds is not connected to nor partnered with any of the brands mentioned and receives no compensation for its recommendations.

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