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Best Bean Bag Gaming Chairs Of 2023

Aug 22, 2023

Sit back, relax, and sink into some bean bag goodness while you game with the most comfortable seats around.

Everyone wants to be as comfortable as possible when gaming, whether you're sitting in bed or propped up in your computer chair after a long day at work. To get the full 'gamer' experience, though, you'll need to have a bean bag gaming chair. You've seen them in every game room setup video, and your favorites have them in their rooms when streaming; it's time to add one to your own collection.

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But what goes into selecting the perfect bean bag gaming chair? Which brands are the best to buy? What's too expensive or just right? Luckily, we've combed through countless bean bag chairs to present to you the best you can buy.

The Throne Boss is one of the only bean bag gaming chairs with actual back support. It's high back design is great for leaning on while gaming, making a more comfortable gaming chair experience than a bean bag with no back support. Coupled with convenient features, it's a good choice for gaming bean bag chairs.

One of the things you'll find when using a gaming bean bag is that you might get uncomfortable or tired after a while without the proper back support. If there's one thing gaming chairs have over gaming bean bags, it is that extra support when sitting up and gaming. The Throne Boss attempts to solve this issue with a high back to lean on. Made for gamers, there are extra large pockets on the side and a convenient headphone holder for when you finish gaming. Keep your controllers and remote in order and keep track of all your gaming accessories in one convenient place. Understand that it does NOT come with fill; you'll need to buy that separately, unfortunately.

Definitely one of the most comfortable choices, the CoedaRoy's Bean Bag Chair is great because it provides multiple positions for you to choose from when gaming. Whether you want to use it as a chair or lay out on it as a bed, you'll be comfortable switching to any available position to best fit your TV setup.

Sure, it may not be the quintessential 'gaming' bean bag, but it's probably one of the best bean bags for gaming you can invest in. The option to go from a fully functional bean bag big enough to fit any adult comfortably and cozily to opening it up into a full-size bed to lay down and game on, you can't go wrong with this editor's choice. Keep comfortable during long periods of gaming by switching your seating when necessary, and it's so comfortable you'll feel fine gaming in every position. You've got a few cover colors to choose from and can even get a bean bag chair as large as the king size, folding open into a king-sized bed.

Take everything about the CordaRoy's Bean Bag Chair and add a bit of back support, pockets to hold your gaming peripherals, and an easy carrying strap to the mix, and you have the gaming version of the bean bag chair.

Much like the previous entry, the 'gaming' version, the CordaRoy's Nest Gaming Bean Bag Chair retains the same perks as the regular bean bag chair. This time, though, the gaming version includes side pockets for your remote or controller and the ever-elusive back support. While it's just a small pillow on the top, when opened in bed form, it provides neck and head support to lay down and look forward while gaming without having to prop yourself up with household items to get the perfect angle. If you want the extra gaming extensions, such as the side pockets and extra support, this may be the better choice. The carrying handle is helpful when moving to another room to game. You can purchase the Optic Gaming version if you'd prefer the optic gaming-colored style.

X Rocker gaming has created the convertible gaming floor mat bean bag. You can use this propped up in the sitting position as a comfortable XL pillow supporting you while you game. You can also lie it on the ground as an extra large floor mat that's comfortable enough for you to game while lying down.

If you want to game lying down but don't want to buy an entire bed-sized bean bag, this might be the option for you. If you're in a smaller living area and something like the CordaRoy's full-sized bed rollout is just too big, this XL X rocker gaming floor mat essentially does the same thing in a smaller form factor. The grey camo color fits the 'gamer' aesthetic, and it's big enough to game on the ground and keep your upper half comfortable. The price is a little steep, so be sure you're looking for the exact needs this bean bag fulfills.

This bean bag chair is the perfect option for anyone looking for an affordable, generic, yet reliable choice. Grab your favorite pattern and dive into comfortable gaming for around $50 and experience why so many people like the Big Joe brand. You'll get a full chair for half the price of other options.

The best value for your money is the Big Joe Milano Bean Bag Chair. You'll get everything you need out of a bean bag chair, barring a few side options. A full chair, pre-filled, with back support and multiple color and fabric options. You can't go wrong at this price either, with options as low as $55 for the full chair. If you're missing out on some of the more convenient 'gamer' options, you can opt for the similarly priced Big Joe Dorm Bean Bag Chair. That version comes with a drink holder and side pockets for keeping you're gaming accessories and drinks stored while gaming.

Take gaming to the next level by propping your feet up on the included footrest and sinking into the Ultimate Sack 6000 bean bag. Game in the most comfortable position, with this sack big enough to fit you and a friend for perfect couch co-op action.

Sometimes, you're gaming with friends; when they come over, you'll want a comfortable setup for everyone. Grab the Ultimate Sack 6000, pull out your footrest, and get comfortable with your partner. This bean bag is the perfect gaming companion, allowing for reclining with your feet up and diving into the game in a comfortable position. The best part is you can share that experience when playing multiplayer games, as this bean bag chair is big enough for you and your friend. While expensive, this bean bag makes the perfect option for the gamer who's used to hosting LAN parties and game nights.

Yes. If you base your decision solely on the options available here, you can see that there are so many style and comfort options when it comes to bean bag gaming chairs, and they almost all fit different needs and concerns. If you need back support, want to game on the floor, or want something big and comfortable enough for multiple gamers, you have options for whatever type of gaming bean bag chair you need. Options can be significantly cheaper than full gaming chairs and much more affordable.

It all depends on the filling, lining, and material the bean bag is made from. The size of the bean bag chair is a big factor in its price. Higher quality filling and material coupled with a larger bag to fill can make the prices of some of the bean bags more expensive than others.

Technically, yes. You may find yourself in some comfortable positions and doing off during long gaming sessions from being so comfortable. As long as you're in a good position, you can sleep in a bean bag chair.

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